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0ur smartsat products - Smartsat

Amiko Combi

Amiko Mini Combo Extra for Saorview and Freesat channels Excellent Saorview and Freesat receiver in a very compact unit
Does the job of both a HD Satellite Receiver and a HD Saorview Digital Terrestrial Receiver in a single unit

0ur smartsat products - Smartsat0ur smartsat products - Smartsat

Ariva 254 Combi

The Ariva 254 combo is a very versatile product
This receiver will allow you to watch Free to Air High definition satellite TV via a Satellite dish and Irish MPEG 4 terrestrial digital TV via an aerial .

0ur smartsat products - Smartsat

Triviar Alpha + Combi box

This high end multi platform produce comes with many features giving you the benefit of recording 3 channels while watching another. To see it’s full capability click below .

0ur smartsat products - Smartsat

Revez Combi

This Revez Combo receiver allows you to receive
HD Satellite channels and Saorview channels. You will need to use a 60 cm dish (sky dish) and UHF aerial (for Saorview service).
Use one remote control to control both services. Receiver has PVR function

0ur smartsat products - Smartsat

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